This weekend I plan on….
+ Coveting this. It’s been on my wish list for a couple of months and I just can’t stop thinking about it. 
+ Dreaming about a new pair of glasses. Particularly these, these, and theeeese. I wouldn’t be mad at glasses that are lucite, tortoise shell, or bubble gum pink. 
+ Lighting this, one of my fav Christmas gifts. Thanks, boo. You guys it smells so good.
+ Posting a new video on MACC.
+ Reeling over this. Do you obsessed with certain cases and trials or is it just me? #JonBenet
+ Sparking these? I gave my husband 2 for Christmas + am stoked to try it.
+ Watching this. It’s a tradition that I always watch Woody Allen’s latest film on my birthday, as he’s MY FAV. This year, I was in and out of town for all of October so get a little viewing treat this weekend. CAN’TWAIT.
+ Wishing I bought this for my husband before there was only size small remaining.