This week is the anniversary of a huge monumental moment in our family. 
It is an incredible moment. 
Breathtakingly beautiful mixed with trauma and pain. 
I’m going to savor it and observe it and experience the-shit-out-of it as it washes over me.
Sometimes when life is big and full, it can be overwhelming and we want to brace or numb ourselves. The anticipation of it tenses our body, cuts us off from our breath and robs us of truly connecting with the “now”, if you will. I am resisting the urge to do this, and instead am taking some time to reflect, observe, and root myself in this present moment. Just really soak it up and be with it. I hope your present moment is beautiful and filled with love. Because right now, this moment, is all that we know for sure. And if we can let go just a bit, there is incredible freedom in that.
When your present is too much, and you feel the urge to clench, numb, or disconnect, I hope you find comfort in these words, or whatever comforts you and connects you with your life. I feel you, and it WILL get better.