I am heading west on Sunday morning for a week of HGTV Handmade shoots and VidCon. It will be a jam-packed work trip with a bit of favorite friends and fun peppered in here and there. I can not wait to be reunited with my Handmade homies and my Brooklyn friends who I’ve lost to California. Immediately upon my red-eye return flight home, we are heading to the beach for a week long family vacation. I’ve never needed one more and am longing for long lazy days on the beach with my pup in a bag beside me and the collection of books I’ve gathered for the occasion in my lap. I may check in here and share with you form time to time, but I am focused on being UNPLUGGED as much as possible.

While I’m away, Handmade videos will continue to roll out, I’ll be sharing my adventures with you on Instagram, and there are so many lovely blogs to read in the meantime. But rather than reading blogs (which I lerve/luff/love), let’s put down the laptops, pick up the paperbacks, and relax. AmIright?