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DIY Outdoor Wine Glasses

Summer means spending time outside with a cool, refreshing drink in hand. Meg shows you how to make adorable, outdoor plastic wine or mocktail glasses that are unbreakable, washable, glitter in the...

DIY Ice Cream Cone Fashion

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat and looks adorable as an accessory, so today Meg shows you how to make your own DIY ice cream cone fashions. Give an old sweatshirt a makeover or add a new des...

DIY Pool Float Sunglasses

When you go to the pool or beach this summer you are going to need super cute sunglasses that look adorable in photos, are waterproof, and actually float! Today Meg shows you how to make these fun ...

DIY Bridal Fascinator

A DIY fashion accessory makes you stand out at a special occasion, so today Meg shows you how to make a floral bridal fascinator. This easy and gorgeous project is perfect for a bride, bridesmaid, ...

DIY Cassette Tape Art

Meg recycles 1980s and 90s cassette tapes into nostalgic wall art with a modern color palette. Thrift stores have old cassette tapes for you to make this easy project on a budget.

OMG Metallic Fringe Monogram

Meg teams up with her friend, artist, and event designer Michelle Bablo to create a DIY metallic fringe monogram. This removable wall art is easy to make, and will be a special decor piece for any ...

5 Organization Hacks: This For That

Meg shows you 5 simple solutions to make your life easier and your space more organized. Check out these easy hacks for storing accessories, displaying artwork, and more!

DIY Leather Knot Bracelet

Meg shows how to make an quick and easy leather knot bracelet. Turn an old scrap of fabric into a cute accessory!

Easy No-Sew Way to Hem Pants

Meg shows a quick & easy no-sew method to hem a pair of pants. It only takes 10 minutes, and materials cost less than 5 bucks!

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