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Meg’s Top 10 DIYs of All Time

Today Meg is counting down her top 10 DIYs from her time on Handmade before she moves on to other adventures.

11 Holiday Home & Health Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

With Christmas days away, lighten the load on yourself to be more present and enjoy this holiday season with a few last minute tips and ideas for your health and home.

DIY Personalized Photo Christmas Ornaments

Turn all of your favorite photos into pretty Christmas ornaments!

5 Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Make your presents extra special with these 5 DIY gift wrap ideas from Meg!

3 DIY Christmas Scents

Make your home smell like Christmas with these three easy scent combinations!

How To Vote in the Midterm Elections: An Easy Guide for First Time Voters

VOTE NOVEMBER 6th in the midterm elections with this easy guide that includes all you need to know to register, check your polling place, see what is on your ballot, and learn about your candid...

Thrift Store Haul: Part 2

From fashion to home decor to DIY and craft supplies, check out all of Meg's scores from her latest thrift store haul! Part 1 of Meg's thrift store haul:

Thrift Store Halloween Costume Challenge – Couples Edition!

Today Meg and her husband Will are going head to head in a thrift store Halloween costume challenge! What will they make with only 30 minutes on the clock?

An Open Letter to Women and Survivors plus Voter Registration Information

Women and sexual assault survivors: I see you. I hear you. I believe you. ACTIONS

  • Register to vote here: Text HELLO to 844-344-3556 or sign up at
  • Learn ...

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