Home Healing & Design Therapy

I am Meg Allan Cole, your Home Coach that brings you Home Healing & Design Therapy to create the dream home you’ve always wanted in the space you inhabit right now. I will be your virtual guide providing practical and stylish tools to make your home level up and make your life better. In addition to aesthetic support, this goes a bit deeper. 

Design Therapy: The process where I take your aspirational vision and my years of design experience to transform a space in your home. As a Home Coach, I embody the care of an educator and the pep talks of a coach to inspire and guide you in a way that is supportive and fun.

Home Healing: I apply therapeutic practices to your relationships with your home. We are reacting to both the past and present at all times, and I help identify older parts of ourselves that may be blocking progress in the way our home functions. You and your family will feel lighter and more free when our work is done.

You decide exactly what services you want. Together we will create inspiring spaces and organized living that will transform your lives.


Get the home support you need

Casual Conversation

Book a 1-hour conversation

Meg discusses your space and your needs, and creates easy stylistic solutions to help calm the chaos in your home.


Basic Room Overhaul

Overhaul trouble spots

Meg solves basic spacial problems, provides inspiring organizational solutions, creates a custom color palette, and floor plan.

$499 and up

Custom Room Makeover

Completely transform a room

Meg provides extensive problem-solving, personal virtual shopping, along with a custom color palette, and your own bespoke floor plan.

$999 and up

Before & After

Meg’s own home transformation


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