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11 Holiday Home & Health Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

With Christmas days away, lighten the load on yourself to be more present and enjoy this holiday season with a few last minute tips and ideas for your health and home.

How To Vote in the Midterm Elections: An Easy Guide for First Time Voters

VOTE NOVEMBER 6th in the midterm elections with this easy guide that includes all you need to know to register, check your polling place, see what is on your ballot, and learn about your candid...

Thrift Store Haul: Part 2

From fashion to home decor to DIY and craft supplies, check out all of Meg's scores from her latest thrift store haul! Part 1 of Meg's thrift store haul:

An Open Letter to Women and Survivors plus Voter Registration Information

Women and sexual assault survivors: I see you. I hear you. I believe you. ACTIONS

  • Register to vote here: Text HELLO to 844-344-3556 or sign up at
  • Learn ...

Thrift Store Haul: Shopping with Meg and Will

Join me in a budget-friendly thrift store to go shopping! From fashion to home decor to DIY and craft supplies, we find all kinds of throwbacks and cool items for a great price. Join me for shoppin...

Finding Compassion Through Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses like endometriosis and vestibular migraine change the lives of so many of us and our loved ones. Today I share my personal health breakdown and breakthrough to shed some light on ...

3 Reasons Why I Disappeared From YouTube

There are 3 big, life-changing reasons why I disappeared from YouTube. Join me for an authentic and casual conversation where I share those 3 reasons with you and weigh-in on how we move the channe...

DIY Upcycled Bar Cart

Want an expensive, new piece of furniture but don't have the money? Meg uses her DIY skills to show you how to repurpose an old piece of furniture into a fancy bar cart that doubles as a self c...

Easy DIY Gem Jewelry Accessories

Meg shows you an easy DIY technique to transform quartz beads into gorgeous jewelry accessories.

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