Will: “This is an investment in our family.”
Meg: “We will hand this down to our grandchildren!”
An excerpt from ‘the margarita conversation.’

A once-in-a-lifetime, very special development happened on New Year’s Eve, on our 10 year anniversary. Let me preface this by saying, Will and I, like so many, had a hard year. We are going through some things, like we all do. Surviving these times makes a landmark celebration like a decade of love even more special. On New Year’s Eve, the day we became OFFISH, we were walking in our neighborhood after a date to see the hilarious film This Is 40. We popped into our fav vintage shop, Ugly Luggage to check out the goods. What did we see? An Eames Lounge Chair with its original leather upholstery and ottoman. FOR. A. STEAL.

Our eyes widened, we milled about and whispered to each other that we needed a minute to talk it out. We went across the street to discuss this over a margarita, as you do. Hearts pounding, minds racing, we excitedly discussed our options. We knew this would be an incredible way to transition from one year to the next, to close one decade and embark upon another, to celebrate 10 years, but ohmygoditwasjustChristmas and we are paying for dog cancer and I make the wages of an artist. The excerpt from our margarita conversation out-weighed any other reason, and really, the price was literally less than a 10th of what a new Eames goes for. I have seen the shell (just the wood seat part) with no upholstery for $500, which is more than what we paid.

We returned, we asked if we could pay for this in weekly installments, Kenny agreed, we put down a deposit, and BAM. We have an Eames! Since then we have made this baby ours and have lived in it ever since. It is stunning, gorgeous, and makes my heart skip a beat every time I walk into the living room.

The original brown leather upholstery is luscious and luxe and feels like butter to curl up in. The COZIEST of set-ups: Me on the Eames with Pendleton and Strudel on top. DONE AND DONE.

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