stand up. put on your favorite shoes. grab your keys, ipod, magazine, wallet, and dog, and throw them all in a tote. now leave your home and walk very quickly to the nearest book store. walk in, find this book:

if you’re totally lazy -which i get, and completely support- or are just super busy and don’t have time for errands- again, i get it. i’m with you. i have now succomb to the temptation of web shopping too. you’re not alone. here you go:

I Like You by Amy Sedaris

purchase it. one for you and one for your favorite person. it’s hilarious, helpful, sick & twisted. amy’s like martha on crack. i LOVE her. am slightly obsessed and kinda wanna make out with her. you will too when you see her suggestions on how to get urine stains out of a mattress. thank you to my favorite brother-in-law/best buddy SQUIRREL for getting this for me for christmas!