+ THIS is my list of the Top Ten Movies for Fall Fashion. I created this for my homeslice Morgan Hungerford West, whom you’ve heard of many times from Panda Head Blog and Panda Head’s now bi-monthly newsletter, No News is Good News (remember these DIY moon phases?). Morgan said it could be a Top Ten List of ANYTHING, but this curated collection of cinematic genius just would not leave my brain-space. All fantastic films that I know way-to-well to be considered a social human being, they are classics that should be watched for many reasons, the outfit inspiration being just one. Keep your eyes peeled for a .gif and a music video that will make your life a tiny bit better. 

THESE DIY cleaning videos on DIY Network are going to save you a ton of money, and help get your cleaning and laundry game in order. A blast to make, such useful info, and a FOOD FIGHT on camera with the one-and-only (crazy amazing!) Laurie March made this project one of my favorites to be a part of.
THIS is speaking directly to me, the one who still hasn’t taken the time to get to the gallery wall I’ve been “planning” for I wanna say months, but I moved in a year ago so….
THAT warm welcome made my whole week feel all love-filled and friendly. THANK YOU.
THIS pattern will appear in Monday’s DIY.
THESE sunglasses that I’ve been coveting are comin’ home to mama soon! My old ones broke so I saw that as a fitting reason to go for the gold. Or tortoise shell.
+ THIS needs to be on my lips.