This weekend I will be pretending I AM HER
Also, we’ll be eating this delicious Bok Choy soup that I made last night, reading April’s issue of Dwell magazine, catching up on Mad Men, and walking around our neighborhood for the re-openings of Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg. And, you know, making every single thing my husband eats FROM SCRATCH. Yesterday marked a month of the new restricted diet, and while sadly we have had 2 major set-backs this week, overall we have seen GIANT leaps forward. I am pleased to see Will step it up in the ole’ kitchen and start helping out and even taking over at times. That really takes the pressure off of me to have to be the one to figure it out and provide it all. It is a lot of work, but with the continued helpful suggestions and resources from friends and readers like you, it’s getting easier. 
Let’s all band together and hope spring shows her breezy, pretty face for more than five seconds this weekend, shall we?