etsy is like ebay, for all things handmade by indie designers. accessible, simple, almost free, and easy-to-use, etsy is for any and everybody. you simply sign up & you are able to create your own shop or simply browse around and purchase unique finds from other indie artists & designers. i’m always satisfied when my etsy supply, gift or treat arrives in the mail. visit enderby’s shop and all the other great artists out there. or join me at the etsy labs come meet us party on february 1st. located at 325 gold street in brooklyn, ny. by the clocktower building. *bring whatever you can for them to recycle in etsy labs. see below for more.

little owl clutch from keyka lou

the miltons illustration by ashley buttons from kate black

my sister, lauren saw this firefly lamp. neat. and functional. and re-purposing an old recycled object.
this nerd plate is awesome. i really want a lot of trixie delicious’s plates & designs.
i love this squirrel light switch cover by robot candy. it’s little details like this that really make a place a home.

etsy is also rad because they are super green. they are currently focusing on recycling anything and everything into usable fashion/supplies/items to sell at their etsy store. they are chopping up old kids’ books to make packs of envelopes, using fabric people have been storing in their attics, etc. instead of throwing away old cloths,books and fabric, donate them to etsy labs.