Deborah Bowness makes this hand printed faux bookshelf wallpaper. How rad is that?

My girlfriend, homegirl and downstairs neighbor, Jenna, is looking for cool, vintage wallpaper. We are going to find a great printed wallpaper or fabric to cover the wall behind her bed, to create a beautiful, unique headboard. The above pattern is one of my favorites.

There is quite the collection of vintage, mod, rare wallpaper at Secondhand Rose.

Even on just one, smaller wall, or in a hallway, some of the wallpaper is expensive, being so rare, but it’s so rich and bold, that a small amount would take you a long way.

You could even use a piece of one of these great mod prints to refresh an old piece of furniture.
With just a small amount, you could cover old, tattered furniture in a bold print, or just the drawers and top of an old dresser. That would save you money, while giving you the freedom to pick a pattern you love.

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